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Hi! My self is Swati. I am a mathematics teacher by profession  currently living in United States. I left my job few years back when I moved to US with my family. I always had two hobbies since my childhood. PAINTING AND COOKING.

My mother is a great cook and I have inherited cooking from her and my Father makes great artwork so I got that art of painting from him. Additionally these days I love to click pictures of FOOD AND NATURE.

I always enjoy cooking and I ‘ve been doing this since my school days. I used to watch my mother trying new recipes every other day, that’s how  I also started doing experiments in kitchen at an early age.

After leaving job I was having enough time at home, so I started spending time on internet seeking for new recipes and trying them for my family. Gradually my hobby for cooking started to turn into my passion for cooking. My husband is a food lover and a big critic of mine. My kids are honest enough to tell me the truth behind my trials. So , I can say that they have helped a lot in grooming my cooking skills.

I started a Facebook group ” WHAT ARE YOU COOKING TONIGHT” in 2012.My friends joined me in the group and gradually we started sharing our daily food menus, recipes and ideas. Today, we are a big group of known and unknown friends and we love to share and discuss food, recipes, menus, ideas , tips and tricks on our group. As the group was growing so was my passion for cooking and posting. I started learning different recipes from YouTube, cooking books, magazines and blogs.


One day while searching for some of my own recipes I was strangled in the favorites folder and notes. I had so many links and notes in my laptop that I couldn’t find the recipe. That day I thought what if there is a place where I can permanently store all the recipes I make. The idea of writing my own blog took birth from that incident. So , this was a short story behind my blog.

Let’s cook healthy tonight is a name suggested by my husband as we both believe that healthy can be delicious too. As a mother of two kids taking care of health and nutrition in my kid’s meal is vital. There are instances when I cook traditional recipes that I have learnt from my mother, but usually, I try to avoid extra fat or junk in my menu.

The recipes in my blog are those which I have learned, cooked and tasted. They all are easy, healthy and delicious. All the pictures are clicked by me and they belong to me. Please do not steal my pictures or recipes without any prior consent.

Hope you like my blog and my recipes too. Please join me on my face book group for the latest recipes and a group of enthusiastic  friends who love to cook!!!

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