BAJRA MINT MATHRIS| Pearl millet crackers

BAJRA MINT MATHRIS| Pearl millet crackers


Mathris or Salted Crackers are an all time hit dry snack in my family. We have been enjoying Mathris with tea since my childhood. I remember, my mother used to cook fresh Mathris for my dad when he was back from office, and me and my sister used to curiously waited for mummy to come with a plate full of hot and fresh mathris along with pickle.

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When I came to know about the theme “DRY SNACKS”; Mathris were the first thing which came to my mind.


Mathri is a traditional classic North Indian afternoon tea time snack. It is made with maida (all-purpose flour) and sooji (cream of wheat), to make mathri crispy and flaky oil is added to the dough and cumin seeds or carom seeds are added to it to give the flavor.

After making the dough it is rolled into small discs and deep fried. Mathri is great on its own with tea but traditionally they are served with mango or lemon pickle along with tea.
I tried to make them little healthier by using Bajra ( Pearl millet) and whole wheat flour and flavor I used fresh mint.Read more about Bajra or pearl millet in foot notes



These small crispy Bajra Mathris are very easy, Quick and delicous snack to have at tea time . You can prepare them in a big batch and store them for couple of weeks in air tight container. Mathri is also a great snack to carry while travelling .Mathris are the perfect snack for anywhere, anytime.



  • Servings: 28
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy
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Bajra-1 cup
whole wheat flour- 1/2 cup
Yogurt- 3 tbsp
Fresh Mint leaves chopped- a handful
Salt- to taste
Black Pepper- 1/2 tsp
water- knead a soft Dough
Oil- 3 cups for deep frying + 1 tbsp for dough.



1. In a bowl place Bajra flour and Whole wheat flour, and mix them together.
2. Add mint, salt,pepper, yogurt and oil and mix with flour. With the palms knead the
flour into oil.
3. Once the flour and oil mix well, add a little water at a time and mix it with flour to make dough.
4.Once the dough become smoth, knead the dough with wet hands make a ball
and cover it with a damp towel and let it rest for 15 minutes. Dough should
be firm.
5. Grease the hand and knead the dough for few minutes to make it smooth, keep
it covered with the damp towel so that dough doesn’t become dry while
making the mathris.
6.Take a small portion of the dough ( about the size of grape) and roll it in between your palms in to a
small flat ball. Press gently with your palm and thumb and flatten them into disc shapes. Make few discs and keep them aside.
7.Take a fork and prick several times each mathri, so that they won’t rise like pooris when frying.
8.Repeat the process until you make all the mathris. Heat Oil in deep heavy wok/frying pan and make hot for deep frying. Slide in all the mathris slowly and start fryig them.
9.Once both side of mathris become golden brown lift the mathris with the pierced spatula and shake all the oil out, take the mathris out from the hot oil and put them on a plate over paper towel, so that all the extra oil absorbed by the towel. Serve mathris with pickle of your choice. Once cooled they can be stored in an air tight container.


Since prehistoric times, pearl millet has been grown prominently in Africa and Indian Subcontinent. It is believed that pearl millet originated in Africa and was later introduced to India. Currently, India is the leading commercial producer of pearl millet, followed by China and Nigeria.
Pearl millet is a rich source of phosphorus, which plays an important part in the structure of body cells. Phosphorus, found in pearl millets, is a significant component of several necessary compounds including adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This element is also a crucial component of nucleic acids, which are the building blocks of the genetic code. Phosphorus is a constituent of lipid-containing structures such as cell membranes and nervous system structures.

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