Ragi Ladoo

A healthy and nutritious sweet for everyone, these Ragi ( Finger Millet ) Ladoos are very easy and quick to make. With the festive season round the corner, you will find these Ladoos are a saver when you have to make something instant for your sudden guests. Rich in Iron and calcium , these Ladoos are a great option to give to kids as well as to those who are allergic to Gluten as Ragi is Gluten free.
IMG_8032_FotorThese Ladoos are made with Ragi ( finger millet) flour and are Gluten Free. Finger millet is one of the important cereals which occupies the highest area under cultivation among the small millets.

IMG_8025_Fotor Diwali is only few days away and the preparation for Diwali have already begin in all Indian homes. Diwali preparations include cleaning of homes thoroughly, white washes , decorating lights , Rangolis ( floor arts) and  making sweet and savory snacks.During Diwali, many of us enjoy celebrating by brightening up our homes with beautiful Diwali Diyas or clay candles. Some people use store bought and some people like to paint the decorative Diyas. I brought few clay Diyas from Indian stores and have started painting them. The ones in the pictures are painted by me 🙂


When I came to know that this time Blog hop is celebrating Diwali by bringing various kinds of sweets , I was very confused as what to make. I thought of many other options too, but when I opened my pantry , I saw this half opened packet of Ragi flour. I had once tasted Ragi Ladoos at a friend’s house  and I loved them, so I thought of giving them a try today. I did some search on internet and finally after getting hints from Master chefs Sanjeev Kapoor’s and Tarla Dalal’s recipes, I made my version of Ragi Ladoos.


They came out really really delicious and since I made only 10 they were gone soon. I need to make another batch now as my kids loved them. Here is the recipe



  • Servings: 10
  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Difficulty: easy
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Ragi flour- 1 cup
Desi Ghee or Clariefied butter- 6tbsp.
Powdered Sugar- 6 tbsp.
Almond powder- 1 tbsp
Cardamom or Elaichi Powder- 1/2 tsp.
Roasted poppy seeds – 1 tbsp.


1. In a wide heavy bottomed pan or Kadhai , heat desi ghee or clarified butter. Add Ragi flour in it and roast the Ragi flour on low to medium flame.
2. After some time you will be able to small the aroma of roasted flour and you will notice that ghee has started to separate out from all sides. Just keep stirring all the time to avoid the burning of flour.
3. Once the flour is roasted, add cardamom powder and Almond Powder. You can also add other powdered nuts to the Ladoos to make them more rich.
4. Turn off the flame and add powdered sugar to the mixture. Mix well and take it out on a greased plate. Spread the mixture with a spatula so that it gets cooled down.
5. Once the mixture gets cooled, form lemon sized ladoos and roll them in a plate having roasted poppy seeds.Serve these delicious Ladoos and Enjoy.

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