Five No Onion No Garlic Everyday Curries

Five No Onion No Garlic Everyday Curries

A collection of five No Onion and No garlic Indian Curries!

Many people whom I meet do not eat onion and garlic due to various reasons. Some of them avoid eating onion and Garlic during festivals, some avoid due health reasons and some due to religious reasons and beliefs

Are you among the ones who avoid eating Onion and Garlic? Here are few No onion and No Garlic Indian Curries. They taste super delicious even without adding garlic and onion.
1. Kashmiri Khatte Baigan!
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A perfect example of simple and delicious recipes having a few ingredients. No onion, no garlic, and no tomatoes, and only a few spices in this curry and you can have a mouth-watering side dish ready in no time. Serve them hot with Chapatis or rice and enjoy!

2. Achari Bhindi

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Achari Bindi is a different version of Bhindi or Okra curry which is made with the pickling spices. It is a very simple recipe with no onion and no garlic in it. A quick and easy recipe which you can make when you have less time to fix your dinner or lunch.

3. Chatpati Gobhi Ki Sabzi

A Perfect balance of spice and sourness, this Cauliflower curry has flavors of tomatoes, ginger, besan( gram flour) and is seasoned with dry spice powders. A no Onion and No Garlic recipe, this Gobhi ki Sabzi will surely be loved by everyone in your family.

4. Bengali Aloor Dum

An easy, simple and delicious Bengali potato curry made using few spices and yogurt. Serve them either with Hot Luchis (Bengali Pooris ) or rice and they make a perfect Sunday brunch , which your family will enjoy.

55.5 Udupi Karela Curry

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A delicious sweet and sour, no onion and no garlic  Bitter gourd curry you will love to enjoy with chappatis or rice or parathas.

I hope you liked my collection of these delicious Vegetable curries that too no onion and no garlic. Please share some ideas in comments of what kind of recipe posts are you looking for. Your comments are my motivation so please leave your thoughts below. Please subscribe to my blog and follow me on Facebook and Instagram
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