Multi grain Spinach and Methi Roti

Multi grain  Spinach and Methi Roti


Enjoy the winters with Team DFT with Greens Overload!
Bringing some hearty dishes with seasonal greens, and I am bringing a very delicious and healthy Indian Flatbread or Roti made with two healthy greens Spinach and Fenugreek leaves and multigrain flour.


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Spinach is exceptionally low in calories. One cup of raw spinach contains only 7 calories. The fact that spinach contains so few calories is a major benefit to persons with diabetes. When I was told that this month the Theme of DFT is leafy greens, I immediately thought of including spinach in my recipe. Another green which I have added is methi or fenugreek leaves.


The chemicals contained in the leaves and seeds may help lower blood glucose, which may relieve fatigue, confusion, dizziness and headaches associated with diabetes. For the flour, I have used a combination of 5 different kinds of flour in different ratios. Primarily Bajra flour or pearl millet flour , Whole Wheat flour and then Oats, Ragi and Besan flour.
Read more about the health benefits of these and others in the foot notes below.


The method of making these Rotis is divided into three steps.
1. Making the filing to be kneaded with dough
2. Kneading the dough
3. Making Rotis.

I served these rotis with Carrot Raita and green coriander Chutney. You can serve them with any other chutney too or with plain yogurt or even green tea or juice. Here is the recipe

Serving Size per person- 2 medium sized Roti

Multigrain Spinach and Methi Roti

  • Servings: 5
  • Time: 20minutes
  • Difficulty: easy
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Whole Wheat flour- 1/2 cup
Bajra Flour- 1/2 cup
Ragi flour-1/4 cup
Oats flour-1/4 cup
Besan- 1/4 cup
chopped spinach leaves 1 cup packed
Chopped Fenugreek or methi leaves- 1 cup packed
Grated Low Fat Paneer- 1/4 cup
Minced garlic- 2 tsp.
Turmeric powder- a pinch
Salt- to taste
Green chilies- 1 or 2 depending on choice
Heeng or Asafoetida- a pinch
oil- 1/2 tsp.

For Kneading dough you will also need
Water and salt accordingly



1. In a non stick pan, heat some oil. Add heeng, turmeric , garlic and green chillies. Saute them for a minute and then add the greens. Add salt and saute them for some time. Add grated Paneer and mix well. When yu see that Spinach and methi leaves have shrink and they have left all the water, turn off the flame.


2. Let this mixture cool and then add this to the Multigrain flour. Add little salt, Red chili powder and start kneading the dough using little water. Gradually keep on kneading the dough taking small amount of water and complete kneading a soft dough.
IMG_3458 IMG_3459
3. Let the dough rest for 5 minutes. Take a small potion of dough and make a sphere. Dust it with some dry flour and roll it using a rolling pin to make a disc of about 6 inches in diameter.
IMG_3460 IMG_3462
4. Heat a Skillet or Tawa and once it is hot place this disc or roti on tha tawa. Once the roti is cooked on one side flip it and cook on the other side. You can use a spatula or cloth to press it. Brush some ghee or oil on both sides if you want them to be little soft.( that’s completely optional)
5. Similarly cook all the rotis and serve them hot with Coriander Chutney and carrot raita.


2 or 3 medium sized carrots
1 cup beaten curd or Yogurt
Red chilli powder -1/4 tsp
salt- to taste
cumin powder-1/2 tsp


Grate carrots and Squeeze them gently to take out the excess juice. Mix with 1 cup of beaten curd or yogurt and add salt, red chilly powder and cumin powder. Mix well and serve chilled.




The American Diabetes Association calls spinach a diabetes superfood and recommends that you regularly include this dark green leafy non-starchy vegetable in your diet. Besides being rich in vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, spinach possesses a low glycemic index, which means eating it will help support healthy and stable blood glucose levels.The fact that spinach contains so few carbohydrates makes it an excellent choice on a diabetes diet. Carbohydrate-containing foods cause your blood glucose levels to rise. This means that you must restrict your carbohydrate intake in order to control your glucose. A healthy diabetes meal includes about 45 grams to 65 grams of carbohydrates, according to the American Diabetes Association.

The health benefits of fenugreek include relief from anemia, loss of taste, fever, dandruff, stomach disorders, biliousness, respiratory disorders, mouth ulcers, sore throat, diabetes, inflammations, wounds and insomnia. It is beneficial during pregnancy, lactation and helps in improving digestion, as well as in various hair care applications. It is also shown to reduce cholesterol levels and protect heart health, while simultaneously boosting the immune system and protecting you against flu and various infections.Fenugreek helps to alleviate type II diabetes. According to one study, it may also help people with Type I diabetes. Read more here

Bajra is one of the oldest millet used by our ancestors. Along with wheat flour even bajra was included in the regular diet. It is known to have a very high fiber content which makes it healthier.It controls blood sugar levels and hence good for diabetic.

Whole grains are a rich source of magnesium, a mineral that acts as a co-factor for more than 300 enzymes, including enzymes involved in the body’s use of glucose and insulin secretion.

For information please refer to these links

I am not a nutritionist or dietician. My knowledge and information is based on my research and reading from different resources. Please consult your doctor or dietician before making any changes to your diet.

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