Menu for Navratri- Meal Plan 2

Menu for Navratri- Meal Plan 2

A big Thankyou to all my readers who loved and appreciated my First Meal plan for Navratri!

As I promised in my earlier post, here I am bringing another meal plan for you all.

Many of you wrote to me that you eat only once a day during Navratri fast or don’t eat few foods that I use. My suggestion to all you readers is please follow whatever is being followed in your family. You can pick few recipes from here and make them whenever you eat during the day and you can skip the items you don’t eat. It’s totally up to you as everybody has their own way of keeping fast.
I believe in eating short meals at regular intervals because after so many trials I have concluded that it the best food lifestyle you can have.What trials? well, that I would be sharing in my next post. So here is my next meal plan.

A small glass of Banana, Almond milkshake with 1/2 cup of Makhanas.
I used 1 cup 2%milk( toned milk), no sugar and 4-5 Almonds with 1/2 banana.

Kacche Kele Ka Dahi Vada Made in Appe Pan.
Click above for the recipe

1 peach

Falahari Lauki Ki Sabzi, Cucumber Raita and Rajgira ke Atte Ka Paratha

SWEET ( Dessert)
Coconut Ladoo
Coconut Ladoo

Well, I make small Ladoos so I don’t mind eating one 😉

Those who missed my first meal plan here is the link to reach that.
Menu For Navrarti – Meal Plan 1

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