Coconut Ladoo

Coconut Ladoo

Blog Hop Anniversary special – Coconut Ladoo !!!


Coconut Ladoo is a tasty south Indian sweet done on most of the festival days.  Traditionally coconut ladoos are made with fresh coconut and milk.  Milk is first thickened by heating it  on low flame  and then fresh grated coconut is added to it along with sugar and then they are cooked together until a thick paste is formed.

Once the paste is formed the mixture is allowed to cool and then small spheres or ladoos are made which look like small tennis balls. These days , people prefer to make instant coconut ladoos as condensed milk is available in market. I love coconut ladoos and make them often during any pooja celebration.
I recently made coconut ladoos during a Pooja at my home. They are very easy and quick to make and are ready to serve in no time.  Here is the recipe

1 cup desiccated coconut powder+ 2 tbsp for rolling the ladoos
1/2 can of condensed milk ( sweetened)
1 tsp of cardamom powder
1/2 cup of milk
ghee little bit to grease the hands

1. In a non stick pan add milk and start heating it. Once you see the vapors coming out, add condensed milk and mix well.

2. Add desiccated coconut powder and mix it too.Heat over medium flame and stir for 5 minutes or until the mixture turns non sticky.

3. Turn off the flame and let this mixture cool. Once cooled , grease your hands with desi ghee or clarified butter and make small ladoos or sphere and roll them in a plate filled with grated coconut and evenly coat the ladoos.

4. keep them aside and make all Ladoos like this. Serve them fresh and soft and enjoy !

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